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The scope of this paper is the application of evolutionary optimization methods to the development of composite fibre reinforced plastics ( cfrp) racing motorcycle rims. 1 institute for molecular systems biology, eth zürich, zürich, switzerland. Wolfram raither, andrea bergamini, and paolo ermanni. Eth zurich main building ( rämistrasse 101, switzerland, 47° 22′ 35. Packaging efficiency of stiff composite cylinders. Headquarters location. Arrieta was partially funded through an eth postdoctoral fellowship. Eidgenössische technische hochschule zürich λουρακησ υπολογιστικη οραση ιδρυμα τεχνολογιασ & ερευνασ - ιτε ινστιτουτο πληροφορικησ ribarova slavova waste water treatment, ecology and environmental protection, basic of hydraulics, water supply and sewerage systems. Koenig o ( ) evolutionary design optimization.

3929/ ethz- aresearch collection tensile strength of gold nanointerconnects without the influence of strain gradients. Paolo ermanni, born j, from bissone ( ti) studied mechanical engineering at the eth zürich. The creation of the buckling- inspired lobed structures relies on an equal distribution of n radial loads pinching the structure along the. Thermoset- matrix composites are by tradition far more common, but thermoplastic- matrix composites are gaining in importance.

Kovalenko, tatyana ( eth zürich 10/ ) dr. During its maiden flight, the morphing aircraft developed by leo baumann, proved its flight capabilities. Leiss matthias ( eth zürich 01/ ) dr. High- speed stamping presses, such as the bruderer. Zivoi, danijel: eth zürich: : according to our current on- line database, martin schweizer has 19 students and 36 descendants.

Van gemmeren, dispersive waves in non- destructive testing applications,, korreferenten: prof. Dirk mohr, eth zürich; prof. S krödel, t delpero, a bergamini, p ermanni, dm kochmann. Kamer, yavor ( eth zürich 10/ ) dr. Phd thesis, eth zurich. Department of mechanical and process engineering, eth zürich, leonhardstrasse 27, zürich 8092, switzerland. 22″ n 8° 32′ 52. Kunz, system and a method for tracking input devices on lc- displays, european patent application ep2107446 / eth zurich, [ bibtex ] [ abstract ], [ pdf ]. During this first period in zurich, he studied the mechanical properties of dental materials and ceramics processed through colloidal routes. Eth zürich: : wilhelm, martina: eth zürich: : according to our current on- line database, juri hinz has 2 students and 2 descendants. Wattinger, modelling and experimental study of a flexural vibration sensor for density measurements,, korreferent: prof.

A member of the faculty since, in prof. , controlling phase distributions in macroporous composite materials through particle- stabilized foams. Lera, sandro ( eth zürich 03/ ). Gauckler’ s group. Kota s, joo j, li z, rodgers s, sniegowski j ( ) design of compliant mechanisms: applications to mems.

We welcome any additional information. Department of mechanical and process engineering, product development group zürich, eth zurich, zurich 8092, switzerland e- mail: edu. In the ground- based power generation concept, the aircraft flies dynamic trajectories at high flight speeds and lift coefficients, thus creating large lift forces. More ermanni p eth zürich images. Doctoral thesis, zürich, eth,. Carbon fibre reinforced plastics ( cfrps) can be classified according to whether the matrix is a thermoset or a thermoplastic. Institute of technology. Advanced engineering materials 16 ( 4),. From until mid he worked and gave lectures at eth zurich as a member of prof.

1007/ _ 2 abstract. George kelesidis, morphology and optical properties of flame- made nanoparticles, # 25934 eth zurich ( ) and recipient of the, ibm research prize for outstanding msc thesis, zurich, switzerland, best poster award for combustion. Philippe block is professor of architecture and structure at the institute of technology in architecture ( ita) in the department of architecture at eth zürich, where he directs the block research group ( brg) together with dr. Bleien radio observatory.

The aircraft was manufactured from 3d printed composites as a collaboration of the cmaslab at the eth department of mechanical and process engineering and the eth spin- off 9t labs. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer ( cfrp) utilization meets the requirements of stiffness, damping, and light weight for enhanced performance of machine tools. Eth zürich, zürich, switzerland paolo ermanni paper no: smasis, v002t07a014; 12 pages. Currently research associate, particle technology laboratory, eth zürich, mavt.

The course ideally follows the value chain from the constituent materials to the final part, including polymer and fibrous materials, textile technologies, process modeling and simulation, manufacturing technologies, quality control and testing, economical and ecological aspects. Article google scholar kress g, sauter m, ermanni p ( ) complex- shaped beam finite element. 3 d auxetic microlattices with independently controllable acoustic band gaps and quasi‐ s tatic elastic moduli. Kunz, visualisierung und brainstorming dig: ital - kennenlernen der neuen moderationsumgebung, forschungsdialog an der eth zürich,, zurich, switzerland; t. Airborne wind energy ( awe) is a power production technique aiming to harvest energy from high- altitude winds through tethered aircraft. Manufacturing science and technology of polymer composites. He received his dr.

Kennel, innopro ii - die zukunft einer digitalen moderationsumgebung, forschungsdialog an der eth zürich,, zürich, schweiz. This article presents the design, optimization and performance assessment of a novel structure- actuation morphing concept for a flying wing, enabling the flight control for straight flight and arou. Analog integr circuits signal process 29: 7– 15. Bruus, technical university of denmark ( dtu). Course description. The mass and the moment of inertia of a front and a rear cfrp rim are minimized subject to manufacturing, strength, and stiffness constraints. Kastenholz, mika arnold ( june - feb ) dr.

According to our current on- line database, peter bühlmann has 55 students and 72 descendants. Issami, mohamed amine. Ermanni ; korref. If you have additional information or corrections regarding this mathematician, please use the update form. The site of eth zurich’ s international conference centre is all the more appropriate because the hill on which it is situated is the famous monte verità, which means mountain of truth in english. Centre of structure technologies, eth swiss federal institute of technology, zürich, 8092 switzerland search for more papers by this author dennis m. Eth zuerich : home | news. Degree at the eth zurich in 1990 under the guidance of prof. The authors would like to thank the eth research commission and the marie curie actions co- fund program for support; a. Spagno, verfahren vorrichtung und gerät zur erfassung von bilddaten, eth zürich,, r. Kunz, visualisierung und brainstorming dig: ital - kennenlernen der neuen moderationsumgebung, forschungsdialog an der eth zürich,, zürich, schweiz; t.

Zürich, canton of zürich, switzerland. From until mid he worked and gave lectures at eth zurich as a member of prof. Stamping presses are expected to function for billions of cycles, resulting in the fatigue of the employed materials and parts. Hahn, numerical simulation tools for the design and the analysis of acoustofluidic devices,, korreferent: prof. Paolo ermanni has been full professor of structure technologies the eth zurich since ap. 26″ e, 8092) heritage designation. Block was promoted to full professor and also.

The digital image correlation equipment was purchased through the swiss national science foundation r’ equip grant 21_ 150729. The historical development of nanoparticles starting with paul ehrlich and then first attempts by ursula scheffel and colleagues and the extensive work by the group of professor peter speiser at the eth zürich in the late 1960s and early 1970s are described from a personal point of view. We welcome any additional. For 25 years, csf conferences have been famous around the world for their international approach, openness and, above all, their academic excellence. Three- dimensional localization of defects in stay cables using magnetic flux leakage methods. These forces drive a ground- based generator. Martin veidt, the university of queensland additional information professor jürg dual.

Kennel, innopro ii - die zukunft einer digitalen moderationsumgebung, forschungsdialog an der eth zürich,, zurich, switzerland. The stacking sequence of the composite laminates is optimized by applying a.

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